• 24x7 Access to your Databases, Applications, and E-Mail From Anywhere from any workstation

  •  The EXACT Same Functionality As Your Current Desktop

  •  Fully Managed Daily and Weekly Backups

  •  Use an Apple (Mac) to Access Your Virtual Office

  •  Compatible With All Versions of Your Applications

  •  Added Security Layers For Protection of Sensitive Information

  • Shared calendar server that works with Outlook 2007, Google Calendar, Apple iCal and Mozilla Sunbird

  • Customizable AJAX Web Client that works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari and Opera

  • ActiveSync compatible server that works with the major smartphones to push email, calendar and contact updates over-the-air

  • Extensive security including SSL/TLS,  Authenticated SMTP, RBL & RDNS lookup, Directory Harvest Attack Protection (DHAP), Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)

  • Anti-spam including Greylisting, white list and black list

  • Anti-virus protection

  • MIME-aware sieve filtering


Accessing your data and protecting your information from a disaster is critical for companies. Businesses rely on computer systems and applications as their median of communications and operations.
Virtual Office of Florida is fully managed and includes automated, offsite backup protection of your entire virtual infrastructure. You will always have access to your server; it’s our guarantee. We have dedicated team members who specialize in business continuity planning, data backup planning and disaster recovery procedures to ensure your business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Daily, offsite backups along with our weekly, server snapshots will ensure that you are protected and never have to worry about losing valuable data.


More than ever before "Cyber Intruders" are on the prowl for vulnerable computer networks. Malicious attempts to compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business resources are on the rise. Our security team monitors your hosted network environment 24 hours a day to ensure your system is always safe from hackers, viruses, malware and spyware.
We understand the importance of security and that is why we include corporate, enterprise level security and monitoring for free. Our security systems include defense mechanisms such as a network antivirus, state of the art Cisco firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. We ensure that only you have access to your programs and files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Virtual Office of Florida is a dedicated, fully hosted and supported Windows Server and IT Infrastructure solution. Our cutting edge cloud based server technology allows you to log into your hosted server desktop and access your everyday Databases, applications, programs, documents, emails from anywhere in the world.

We manage your daily backups, server and software licensing and provide 24x7 technical support for all of your computer needs. Experience fast and secure file sharing, access to your current business applications, and a 100% up-time guaranteed desktop that looks and functions exactly like the desktop you are familiar with on your local PC.

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